Recky Hou

Group Creative Director


Recky has over 15 years’ experience as an advertising creative. He has worked at some of the top international and local agencies.

Local brands, global brands, it doesn’t matter, he can make light work of both. Just give him a brief, sit back and watch the maestro work, the idea will be music to your ears. He has created amazing work for Intel, Shell, GAP, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Mizone, Disneyland, Quaker, Wyeth, JOHNSON’s, OPPO, Metersbonwe, Clinique, Skoda just to name a few (because we just hate name droppers).

You may have seen some of these amazing campaigns – ‘Let’s Gap Together’, ‘Pulsing back anytime’ and ‘The Fading Font’.

His keen insight and passion for creativity has made Recky an award show regular. He has picked up metal at Cannes, One Show, New York International Festival, Adfest, China 4As and Effie.